May 31, 2016

Welcome to Texas Society Daughters of Colonial Wars

Cheryl Rios

State President Cheryl Rios

Welcome to the Texas Society Daughters of Colonial Wars website.  We are a nonprofit hereditary society whose members are lineal descendants from an ancestor who, from the time of the settlement of Jamestown (May 13, 1607) to the battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775), by their acts and counsel, assisted in the establishment, defense and preservation of the American Colonies.

We recognize and celebrate these pioneering individuals through our support of the  Objects and Projects of the National Society.  Details may be obtained by visiting the “About Us” page and then “National Projects” or by visiting the National Society website at

The Texas Society specifically recognizes an outstanding teacher of American History and an individual who collects and preserves records relative to the American Colonial Period through the Historic Research and Preservation Award, and through the Grace Perkins scholarship award.  Please review the Work of the Texas Society page for more information.

This State President has selected the Fort Worth Honor Flight program as her state project for 2013-2016.  The Honor Flight Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which has absolutely no administrative costs.  All donations directly benefit the object of the organization.  In brief, Honor Flights are a means of transporting American War veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the monuments erected there to commemorate their sacrifices and service to our Nation.  A patriotic eagle pin is available for a cost of $10.00, the entire amount of which supports this project.  Please visit the Work of the Texas Society Page for the specifics of this great effort to recognize our living war veterans .

We appreciate your interest in the National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars and,  in particular, the Texas Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars.  We welcome inquiries regarding membership in the Society for the larger the membership the better our ability to meet the Objects of the Society and preserve the historic accomplishments of our ancestors to this great Nation.  Please review the membership criteria on the Membership page and feel free to contact either the State Registrar at or the State President at

Thank you for visiting the Texas Society Daughters of Colonial Wars website.  We trust you will pursue the thought of membership in the Texas Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars. 

Cheryl Whitt Rios
State President 2013-2016

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