June 22, 2018

Past State Presidents

*=Honorary Past President
1941-1945*Mrs. Robert Henry McLemore
1945-1947*Mrs. William Charles Gholson
1947-1950*Mrs. Floyd McChesney
1950-1953*Mrs. A. L. Shuman
1953-1956*Mrs. Robert Henry King
1956-1959*Mrs. Roy Cooksey Stephens
1959-1962*Mrs. Merrill Joy
1962-1965*Mrs. John Marshall McEachem
1965-1968*Mrs. Robert Lindsey Emerson
1968-1971*Mrs. Uel Stephen
1971-1974*Mrs. John Marshall McEachem
1974-1977*Mrs. Kenneth L. Wickett
1977-1980*Mrs. Hans Smith, Sr.
1980-1983*Mrs. Royce Wilson Mills
1983-1986*Mrs. Edwin L. Kayler
1986-1989*Mrs. Harry E. Rowland, Jr.
1989-1992*Mrs. Kenneth L. Wickett
1992-1995*Mrs. Robert N. Robinson
1995-1998*Mrs. Edwin L. Kayler
1998-2001*Mrs. Robert R. Truitt
2001-2002*Mrs. Jerry D. Minton
2002-2004*Mrs. R. Ted Anthony
2004-2007*Mrs. Frank B. Cardinal
2007-2010Mrs. John M. Power
2010-2013*Mrs. David Laskowski
2013-2016*Mrs. Vincent Rios

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