June 22, 2018


DCW Insignia

The official insignia of the National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars consists of a round disk with a gold laurel wreath forming the outer edge.  In the center, enameled in red, white, and blue, are the combined Crosses of St. George and St. Andrew signifying the union of England and Scotland, after the Tudor reign.  Entwined in the laurel wreath is a ribbon of gold bearing the name, Society of Daughters of Colonial Wars.  Above is the Tudor Rose in gold, with five petals upon five petals.  The ribbon from which the insignia is suspended is one and seven-sixteenths inches in width; the center stripe of white is three-quarters of an inch wide, with successive stripes of red, white and blue on either side.

The insignia should be worn on the left, over the heart.  When the official insignia of this Society is worn, no insignia of any Society, other than the Gavel Society, may be worn.  The insignia should only be worn at functions of the Society, when representing the organization or attending ceremonial occasions  If flowers are worn, they should be pinned to the right shoulder.

The official recognition pin is a gold Tudor Rose in bold relief, encircled by a band of red enamel bearing in gold lettering the words DAUGHTERS OF COLONIAL WARS.  The recognition pin may be worn for informal occasions.

The National Society has adopted a miniature insignia, a replica in size suitable to be worn with the miniature insignia of other societies, suspended from ribbons attached to a bar made for that purpose.  This official miniature emblem may be worn with a one-half inch wide official ribbon.

Only officially approved ancestor bars, service bars and pins may be worn with the insignia on the official ribbon.  The ribbon must not exceed twelve inches in length; a second ribbon may be worn alongside the first ribbon if necessary to accommodate all bars and service pins.  The National Society may authorize official pins as the need may arise.

The following have been authorized by the National Society: Regulation Insignia, Miniature Insignia, Recognition pin, State bar, Ancestral bar, National Officer pin, National Officers Club pin, National Officers Club President and Past President pin, State President pin, Past State President pin, State Officer pin, 25-year membership pin, and charm.

The National Officers, while in office, wear official pins denoting their respective offices which are the property of the National Society and are passed on to each successive officer when she is installed.  The insignia, as well as the State President’s pin, may be, if so desired, the property of the State Society and passed on to each successive State President.  Should a State Society be dissolved, the State President’s pin should be sent to the National Custodian.

Every member is entitled to an ancestor bar engraved with the name of the ancestor on whose record she entered the Society and to as many supplemental bars as she has had approved.

The official tricolor sash may be worn only by National Officers, Past National Officers, State Presidents and Past State Presidents as an indication of their status in the Society.

The insignia is the property of the National Society and may not be used without written permission from the National Society.

Correct Sequence for Insignia, Pins and Bars:

  1. State Bar
  2. National Officer
  3. Past National Officer
  4. State President
  5. Past State President
  6. State Officer
  7. National Officers Club
  8. National Officers Club President or Past President State Bar
  9. Ancestor Bar
  10. Insignia

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