June 22, 2018

Library Donation of DCW Lineage Books

TXDCW Bookplate

TXDCW Bookplate


It was brought to our attention that the Fort Worth Public Library only had Lineage Book Volume 5 in their holdings.  It was decided that if we could find any of the other volumes for sale in stores and on the internet, that we should purchase them and donate them to the Fort Worth Public Library.  The ultimate goal was to actually complete their set.

Through many long months and hours of internet searches this goal was achieved by our Past State President Valerie Laskowski.  She was finally able to purchase the missing books, Volumes 1 through 4.  Volumes 6, 7, and 8 were purchased through the National Society for $10 each.

On Thursday, May 10, 2012 State Historian Gail Lewellen and then State President Valerie Laskowski met with Betty Shankle of the Genealogy Section and presented the lineage books for donation.


State Historian Gail Lewellen (2010-2013), Betty Shankle, State President Valerie Laskowski (2010-2013)


Betty Shankle receives NSDCW Lineage Books from Texas Society


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